fast and amusing videos

July 1, 2008

Looking for entertaining short videos online without forgetting that you have more to do than just to be a computer-chair potato? Metacafe might be a good choice for you. The video sharing website is specialized in short-format videos and it has a “policy of joy” regarding content.

While other streaming media websites offer videos that can be 10 minutes long, the average of Metacafe video is only 90 seconds long. This feature prevents some technical and navigator crash related problems. The user clicks on the video and it instantaneously starts, avoiding the delay for uploading and even hastle of advertising. Points are scored by Metacafe in that it doesn’t mix the content information with bridal shower ads, as on MSNBC, New York Times, and others.

Besides, Metacafe has a clear policy of featuring only videos that “amaze, inspire and make viewers laugh”, according to its ‘About Us’. The website avoids hard news and videos that the company sees as potentially harmful to someone’s peace of mind, making of it a pure entertainment tool. I personally disagree with the idea that hard news cannot be entertaining, but that is another discussion. In other words, the positive side of its “policy of joy” is that it helps users to restrain their uncountable online video options.