Social Media Monitoring tools

December 26, 2009

Ok. John Moore has a point in discussing trends on Social Media Monitoring tools and Customer Relationship Management tools. However, isn’t it obvious that these two things are interrelated?
1. Social media is fueled by people, and by people I/we also mean customers

2. Customers have been expressing their point of views for years through recommendations on websites, reviews, online surveys, clicks, statistics, and now using tweets and status updates on other SNS

3. Companies have always been interested in knowing more and more about user PROFILES and their usage of a product

4. All these networking capabilities are there, as well as the data

Isn’t this trend just absolutely evident?


Ads in 2009

December 22, 2009

Reading this article on WSJ this morning brought me to one thought: financial crisis in the US led to CHEAP and simple COMFORT-ads. With the cut in marketing budgets and layoffs in the American companies, managers are relying more and more on crowd sourcing and online ads to reach their audiences. Some of the best ads were only shown online. In watching the best and worst advertisements of 2009, I saw that successful ads played on basic themes such as comfort, happiness, safety, and satisfaction, and thereby, “fought” the fear of unemployment; others actually benefit the audience with a discount or free coupon.
I believe creativity should always be a “MUST” for the best, but I confess that sometimes I doubt this when watching 15-second Hulu ads. For example, the ad about teeth whitening with the Close-up toothpaste and the guy saying “thank you” is a real pain to watch. The WSJ article shows that cheap and simple doesn’t have to be bad, marketers! Follow the example.