Consumption of mobile content

The Mobile End User Survey, by Nick Holland, compared mobile subscribers and social networking subscribers to determine which group had higher consumption of mobile content. The results of the survey showed a higher mobile content consumption among social network users than old mobile subscribers. Based on the findings, Holland suggests that investments on mobile content for online social network should be prioritized in the mobile industry.

I believe the analyst presents a possible trend for the mobile content industry in the future, considering the popularity of online social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace, but he doesn’t sufficiently analyze the age group of online social network mobile users.

The author should more carefully consider that 50% of online social network mobile subscribers are between 18 to 24 years old. This age group belongs to what the authors of Wikinomics, Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, called “the net generation.” According to these authors, this particular generation is more willing to share, to participate in diverse communities, and to look for different information sources than any other age group. In other words, the strong participatory characteristic of this young group doesn’t necessarily reflect on other mobile subscribers. Therefore, instead of narrowing businesses strategies only to social networks, I think mobile companies and content producers should also come up with actions to increase the content consumption in other age groups. Some suggestions would include reduction of cost of smart phones, development of a friendly interface for less Internet savvy users, distribution of practical guides regarding how to download files, send e-mails, and other types of assistance to help users to take advantage of other services on their cell phones. 


1.       Why is Internet access in mobile phones so expansive in the United States?

2.       Most people replace their mobile phones with more hi-tech models in less than five years. Every year, several new types of phones are launched in the market. How should users, mobile companies, and environmentalists deal with the excess of used electronic components and, therefore, electronic trash that is massively generated every day?  



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