Reflection based on blog notes

Unfortunately, I was too sick to go to the class yesterday, so I stayed at home resting, trying to recover from a possible ulcer (doctors haven’t found out yet, I am hoping to find a gastro-intestinal specialist available in the next days).  I am feeling better today, so I will post.

First of all, I really enjoyed watching Rubi’s video. It was very creative, short, and I am sure that it took her a long time to capture all those images. Good job. It was an inventive way to tell the story of journalism and to start a review with an inquiry. I really liked her voice too, it sounded very pleasant and clear. I truly believe she should work with radio (should we say podcasts?).

Second, I did look at the and I am not sure if I understand it. Well, in reality I would say that there are many things online I don’t get it. When a person first told me that other people were spending their precious minutes “typing sentences to say what they are doing”, in other words, twittering, I found ridiculous. Nowadays, however, you can find me twittering too. So, going back to the humanclock, do they keep showing the same pictures day after day? Is the same set of pictures for 7:24am to 7:24pm? I felt curious about it and I might check it some other time. It amazes me that people create all these strange businesses online and there are so many people who readily begin using them. After reading Wikinomics, I keep thinking about getting an MBA and coming up with an idea that sells, though not necessarily a bright one. 

Third, I would like to say I really enjoyed this class. It was very challenging for a new international student, but I can confidently say I learned a lot in this quarter.


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