Sevenload is a streaming media website that focus on video and photo sharing. I found two interesting features in this site: it offers content in five different languages and it allows users to present their own shows on the Sevenload channels.

Although YouTube also has videos in several languages, it is still uncommon to find other streaming media websites with this feature. Sevenload provides videos in English, Polish, German, Turkish and French. It is important to point out that these videos are not translated from a language to another- they are singular videos shown in only one language.

The other interesting characteristic is the “promotion of stars”. According to the website, there is no limit to upload content. Users can produce complete series or numerous episodes for Sevenload channels. There are distinct categories, such as Music, Comedy, Politics, and Sports, which producers can use to tag their work.


2 Responses to Sevenload

  1. Drew says:

    Sevenload is definitely worth watching on the syndicated video stage. Last month they received an 8-figure Euro investment from Deutsche Telekom. They like to think of themselves as the best from Vimeo, YouTube, Blip and Flickr. The largely Germanic bent to the languages supported is driven by the fact they are a German company. But with the soft American dollar, watch for Euro-based companies to hit the social networking and media distribution market very hard. They have the resources to invest the capital required and pockets deep enough to ride out the inevitable twists and turns in a nascent line of business.

  2. Thanks for nice article.

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