Learning Goals for Economics of Digital Communication

The Social Communication (Journalism) course at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, where I earned my bachelor degree, didn’t emphasize the economic aspects of Communication. During my entire four-year course, I only took one four-credit course titled Economics of Communication. For that reason, I believe this class will be very challenging. I will divide my goals in two types: personal and subject specific.

As personal goals, which might differ from other students, I want to improve my writing skills and to gain knowledge from my classmates work experiences. I think that my academic writing skills will develop more quickly if I write continuously and read constantly. Hence, the weekly post on the discipline blog will be certainly helpful. I desire to learn from the professional knowledge of my classmates, who are employed in different sectors of communications industry in Seattle and region, and to be able to compare them with the work experience I had in Brazil.

My subject specific goals are to have a better understanding of technology, economics and their impact on society, and a comprehension of how to make money from a non-rival and non-excludable good, such as digital goods. To define more precise concepts for information technology and for the new economy will help me to understand the transformation process we have been living for the last two decades. As a media professional, I believe it is urgent to know how to evaluate possible economics trends for digital media and, therefore, to learn how to make profit in a competitive and still unsettled market.


One Response to Learning Goals for Economics of Digital Communication

  1. kegill says:

    Hi, Raquel — your first goal is the same as mine — for us to all learn from one another this quarter.

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